About Us

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Thanks for visiting ISewFree.com.  We’re glad you’re here!

Who are we?

We are a bunch of sewing enthusiasts that love free embroidery designs, sewing patterns, and quilting patterns. When we see something for free, we get it, even if we aren’t going to use it immediately. Doing so helps us create a big collection of designs and patterns that we can use whenever we want.


So what is ISewFree.com?

This is where we post all of the free embroidery design downloads, quilting and sewing patterns that we find. You’ll want to visit the site every day because we’ll be posting new designs and patterns daily.  Since some of the designs that companies post for free are only available for a short time, we recommend joining our email list. We’ll send you an email each day with all of the designs and patterns we’ve found so that you never miss one.  You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus.


Do I need an account with ISewFree.com?

No.  Using our site does not require an account.   Just browse and enjoy!


Do I download the designs and patterns from ISewFree.com?

No.  What we do is find the designs and patterns and then post links to the companies who have them listed for free.  Just click on the link to be taken to where you can download the file.


I found a free embroidery design, quilting or sewing pattern, or other free sewing resource and think you should share it with your readers.  Can I send you the link? 

Absolutely!  Feel free to send us any freebie you find.  You can email us at isewfree at gmail.com





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