Free Sewing Pattern: Bee Shirt

This free sewing pattern from WhiBeArts is the “Bee Shirt”.

Free Sewing Pattern: Heart Garland

Mabe with Love loves the look of festive garland for all holidays, Valentine’s Day is no exception. This colorful, fun garland is easy to create and highly customizable.

Free Sewing Pattern: Winter Purse Pattern

This purse has two pockets on the outside and two on the inside to hold everything you need. Not too small and not too big this purse is perfect for this winter.  Thanks to Life Sew Savory for this one.

Free Sewing Pattern: Women’s PJ Pattern

Cute PJ shorts in two lengths from Life Sew Savory.

Free Sewing Pattern: Soft Clutch Bag

This free sewing pattern is for the soft clutch bag from So Sew Easy.

Free Sewing Pattern: 3-Ring Binder Pouch

This free sewing pattern from ni-chern designs is a 3-Ring Binder Pouch.

Free Embroidery Design: Letter W

This free embroidery design is the letter W.

Free Sewing Pattern: The 23rd Pouch

This is a multi purpose pouch. It is a cross body purse . Clip it around your waist for running, shopping, riding.  Thanks to Bag Options for posting it.

Free Sewing Pattern: Women’s Hoodie

A super cute fall hoodie pattern for women. Classic cut with a pocket and a hood, this is a wardrobe staple for simple clothing that doesn’t go out of style.  Thanks to Life Sew Savory for this one.

Free Sewing Pattern: Cruella Apron

Make an apron into a costume for a quick an easy way to get dressed up.  Thanks to Just Carol’s Pattern Store for this one.