Free Sewing Pattern: Flat Teddy Bear

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This free sewing pattern and tutorial shows you how to make a flat teddy bear. ¬†Such a sweet gift for a toddler or baby. ¬†Thanks to “Cook, Clean, and Craft” for posting it.

Flat Teddy (2) copy_thumb[2]



  1. Thanks for the feature!

  2. Good Morning:

    I clicked on the download button for the flat bear and when I did, my computer told me the web page was not available..have never been able to get this free pattern..the only thing I”ve seen is a bunch of ads and something that cost 29.95 it’s telling me to install Flash Player with HD..I have a windows XP that I am using and so far it has been just fine..I don’t install anything I’m not familiar with because viruses attach themselves and take the system down. Your site is the only one I’m having difficulties with..I’m using Google Chrome..should I be using another browser?? Thank you for your response.

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